Puller Info

All pullers are welcome to come early, we will be on site from January 20th to Jan 23rd. Due to Parking area limit we can only let in 2 cars so your transport and 1 extra this includes RV’s, all others will have to park on the spectator side, stickers will be provided when you pay at the gate, after that only cars with the sticker will be getting in the puller gate.

you are welcome to came and camp, however you will still be on the 2 entry limit and your RV counts as 1 of them, all others will park on the spectator side. just note that it is dry camping only.

When coming in the gate you will be paying for your gate entry, we will NOT be taking payments for other people not with you at time of entry.

Please note that you MUST go to registration each day during the registration times, we are cutting off registration at the listed time for each day. You must register each day for that days pull.

We pull all classes both days, please check registration times and pull times so you don’t miss out.

Rules are posted and Registration forms are linked under the forms page, please feel free to fill out your forms and bring them with your for faster registration. any other questions please call Rob Waller 352-636-9898 or John Asay 352-455-0236